Multithreading – The Delphi Way – Part 2.

Martin Harvey.

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 0: Introduction and background, target audience, material to cover, which API?

Chapter 1: Lightweight synchronization: interlocked operations.

Chapter 2: State machines with interlocked ops. Intro to WorkItems.

Chapter 3: "Proper" WorkItems and Queues.

Chapter 4: A native Delphi Thread Pool implementation.

Chapter 5: Recycling work items through the thread pool.

Chapter 6: A workitem test app. Workitem fork and join.

Chapter 7: TThread.Queue and alternative implementations.

Chapter 8: Win32 API: Process and thread functions not covered in Part I.

Chapter 9: NUMA and Processor groups.

Chapter 10: Faster I/O: Overlapped I/O.

Chapter X: Faster I/O: I/O completion ports.

Chapter X: The Win32 Thread pool functions.

Chapter X: Interlocked list functions and the SRW lock.

Chapter X: Putting it all together – asynchronous nirvana!

Chapter X: Other platforms: Win64, iOS, Android.

Supplementary Material.

Source Code. Source code from which code snippets are derived.

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